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    A day in the life of a plumber Warrington

    Job Description: Soil stack Replacement 28/04/2023 Birchwood.

    The job started off with a brief from the client, outlining the work to be done. The plumber then headed to the Birchwood site and started the job of replacing the soil stack. He worked through the day and completed the job to they highest of standards.

    Job Description: Emergency call out to water leak: 27/04/2023 Great Sankey, Warrington.

    Our plumber was called to a water leak causing damage in the living room. Once arrived on the scene he assessed the situation, quickly determining the source of the leak. When the problem was identified it was fixed within the hour.

    He then checked the area to ensure there were no other potential leaks and cleaned up the area. He then tested the system to make sure the repair was successful.

    Tap repaired bay plumber Warrington

    Tap and shower repairs and replacements by plumber warrington

    Job Description: Tap repair needed 26/04/2023 Stockton Heath

    We had been contacted about a several dripping taps in the property. The plumber arrived using his van stock was able to replace three tap cartridges that were causing the issue. The customer was happy and left a great review.

    Job Description: Shower replacement 25/04/2023 Great sankey, Warrington. One of our plumbers arrived at the job and checked the shower for a suitable replacement. A couple of options were offered to the customer and the shower was replaced on the same day.

    He then removed the old shower and replaced it with the new one supplied. He tested the new shower to make sure it was working properly and gave the customer a demonstration of how to use it. Finally, the plumber tidied up the area and left the customer satisfied with the work.

    Plumbers Warrington

    Job Description: Emergency Water leak repair: 24/04/2023 Woolston.

    We were called to a leak in the kitchen. Our plumbers assessed the situation and traced the leak to the old tap connectors under the sink. We isolated the leak and sourced the parts locally to repair. Another happy and satisfied customer.

    Job Description: Taps replaced 21/04/2023 Padgate in Warrington.

    A customer contacted us wanting a new set of taps in the bathroom. She was offered and selection to pick . Once she had decided on style an appoint was book and a plumber arrived to replace them. All waste was taken away and the area left clean and tidy.

    Job Description: Toilet unblocked 20/04/2023 Great Sankey.

    quality plumber in warrington

    One of our plumbing and heating engineers was sent an office block in Warrington due to a blocked toilet. He arrived within 3 hours from the initial call and removed the toilet blockage in no time at all.

    The plumber then made sure the toilet was flushed and tested to make sure the blockage had been successfully cleared. He then cleaned the area and made sure everything was in working order before leaving the site.

    Job Description: Emergency water leak 19/04/2023 Woolston.

    On this occasion one of our local plumbers attended a property with a severe leak coming into they kitchen the tennant had luckily managed to find the stop tap and turned off the water supply. The leak was traced to a plastic fitting on the feed to the bathroom taps that had blown off.

    New soil stack replaced by plumber in warrington

    Plumber in Warrington

    Job Description: Toilet Repair 18/04/2023 Grappenhall in Warrington.

    This job required are plumber to remove the toilet completely as the siphon had started to pass water constantly. When the toilet was fully removed a brand new siphon and fill valve were fitted and the toilet was resealed . It was then checked for leaks and that the flush was once again restored.

    Job Description: Outside tap fitted 17/04/2023 Stockton Heath.

    After struggling to find a local plumber the customer called us requesting an outside tap to be fitted. An appointment was booked and a hot and cold tap were teed into the tap connections under the sink. Once the taps were fitted to the walls they were tested and we were on our way, another happy customer taken care of.

    Job Description: 24hr Emergency plumbing job 16/04/2023 Great Sankey Warrington.

    This job came in around 10pm a customer had called saying that water was pouring out into the living room she was upset and very anxious. We managed to get someone a plumber to her within 50 mins and a temporary fix was undertaken to stop the leak. The next day on of our plumbers retuned to rectify the issue without and further damage to the home.

    Job Description: Shower repair 15/04/2023 Newton le willows.

    24 hour Plumber service

    One of our plumbers in Warrington was asked to take a look at a shower running cold. It was quickly diagnosed to be the shower cartridge . A replacement was ordered and a suitable return visit booked in to replace the next day.

    As you can see here at Dixon plumbing and heating we provide all aspects of Plumbing in the Warrington area please get in touch for a free no obligation quote if you’re having Mandy issues.

    We also cover a wide range of services including tap repairs and replacement, shower repairs and replacement, toilet repairs and replacement to name but a few.

    All our Plumbers in Warrington are gas safe registered and offer boiler repairs service and replacements.

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